3 Abel Allhands

95 Davis Anderson

76 Mason Araco

52 Owen Bartel

33 Brayden Erickson

40 Ryan Frank

10 Ben Gruba

90 Tanner Kampert

7 Brody Klepps

21 Korz Loken

14 Dawson Nusz

32 RJ Opperman

28 Jensen Rice

96 Jayden Ridge

26 Alexander Robbins

31 Matthew Schmidt

18 Racer Schrank

35 Revyn Schrank

5 Austin Scott-Sutherland

66 David Soik

19 Drake Stilen

30 Charlie Tappa

25 Ryder Vergauwen

9 Alex Weber

2 Alex Zielke


At the Pee Wee level we try to enhance the kids knowledge and skills of the game while keeping the kids excited about playing football. Here are a few goals for the players, parents and coaches this year and the practice schedule below. 

Goals for players:

  • Learn more about the game of football

  • Build self-confidence

  • Fight through adversity

  • Be a team player

  • Practice/play hard

  • Stay focused throughout practice/game

  • Be respectful to others

  • Come ready to learn at practice

  • Communicate with coaches, be honest on your health

  • Let coaches know if you can’t attend practice/game

  • Challenge yourself to get better

Expectation for parents:

  • Let the coaches coach your child. It gets very confusing as a player when coaches are trying to coach and parents are coaching from sidelines or stands.

  • Be punctual to practice /games afterwards.

  • Try to be at practice fields 5-10 before the end of practice so kids are not waiting. I understand work schedule are difficult just let coaches know if you might have difficulty getting to practice on time.

  • Games: The 4th quarter of the game before us each player has to weigh in and if a player is not present the league rules enforce the player to sit out a half of football. I typically request players be at the game field 1hr prior to the start of our game so players can get ready and participate in warmups.

  • Communicate with coaches on missing practice or games.

  • Be positive around the players and coaches. The kids observe a lot of things and we want them to have fun and learn.

Expectations for coaches

  • We are here for the kids

  • Be respectful to all players, parents, referees, staff, coaches, board members, etc.

  • Help the players learn the game and be positive.

  • Safety is our number one priority.

  • If player seems to have head injury, the coaches are removing child from participating in practice/game. Player will be out of practices and games until coaches receive a doctor’s permission slip to return.

  • All injuries will be evaluated by the coaches or medical staff at games and determine the next steps.

  • This is just Pee Wee football and it is not worth pushing a player to come back and play before they are ready too.

  • Be available and answer questions or concerns from parents or players.